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In the modern city, there are more and more cars. To solve the difficulty of parking, TENAU uses its mature elevator technology to make for cars a hindrance-free transportation, vertically through a design, that considers the performance and size of various carsCar Elevators.

According to the most updated norm for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation, from the CPU control to VF speed adjusting system, from the area of the car to the selection of materials, from the functions to the details, these elevators are the ideal vertical transportation means for cargoes.

A、The safety components such as safety damps and speed limiters are all manufactured in accordance with international codes.
B、The rust resistance of the bottom of the car is improved, which greatly prolongs the service life of the cargo etevators.
C、High intensity material is used to build ttie bottom of the car, making the large load capacity of the car and high safety that meets the requirement of transporting various types of cargoes.
D、Precise mechianical processing, guaranteeing the best cargo transporting capabilities.

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