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Low pressure spray gun

CFCAPR Low Pressure Spray Gun

CFCAPR finishing coat environmentally friendly spray gun, adopts APR(reducing atomization pressure) control technology. Using MC to produce atomized bottle cap can reduce paint rebound, make paint utilization rate reach over 65%, ensure uniform fog type and fine atomized particles. At the same time to speed up the transmission speed to meet most of the working environment and paint technical personnel use habits; We use the central wet zone stretch technology, so the whole spray width widened, and make the paint film as thin as possible, conducive to the drying of water-
based paint; Stainless steel needle nozzle has good sealing effect, wear and corrosion resistance, the main body of the spray gun is forged aluminum. The surface of spray gun is anodized, which is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean and protect. According to the actual situation, this product will use the company's invention patent, utilty model patent and appearance patent technology alone or in combination.


Product ModelInside diameter of nozzle
Using air pressure
Air cross section flow
Spraying Distanc
Width of spra
FC HVLP1.32.043016280



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